Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Story

Can Drinking Tea (of All Things) Really Help You Lose Weight?

Weight Watchers Hate This !

Baetea 14 Day Teatox

Baetea 14 Day Teatox
What I looked Like Before

My story with weight loss..

  • I had been overweight for more than 3 years since I got pregnant.
  • I tired every possible weight loss program to lose weight such as: garcinia cambogia, paleo diet, gluten free diet, keto diet, fat burners and nearly every diet on the planet.
  • I still didn’t get the results I wanted..
  • so I thought the big companies were holding something back from me..
  • Until I found this tea that actually had a pending lawsuit to ban it in the US as it helps people lose weight extremely fast.

I am about to reveal the secret that I found..

Introducing the miracle tea


baetea 14 day detox changed my life.. Here is what I like about it.


  • It’s Simple To Use: You need only 1 tea bag per day which is easy and simple to use around your schedule ( Disclaimer : Don’t take more than 1  tea cup/day! , to avoid extreme weight loss as the ingredients are highly effective)


  • It works for everyone: before buying the product I was skeptical as I tried many other products but they didn’t work due to my body type, age or low metabolism.Clinical studies were done on every body type and age confirmed that this tea works. So I found that it worked regardless of my age and body type. as the ingredients of the product including (Rooibos Leaf, Green Tea Leaf, Oolong Wu Yi Leaf, Ginger Root, Pomegranate, Guarana Seed ) are highly effective for weight loss.


  • It tastes good : I remember trying  green smoothie before and it tasted horrible, I actually puked the first time using it so I had to stop it. baetea tatstes delicious not like any other thing I drank before.


  • I didn’t change my diet:  baetea is an appetite suppressant. Its  real benefit on my physical appearance is that I physically appeared to eat less. That’s right. I’m an ugly eater. So when I eat less frequently, by default, I just LOOK better.


  • I felt more energetic: I think because of its ginger root component I had more energy during the day. Unlike any other diet that make me feel horrible during the day due to eating less.


My weight loss Results With Baetea 14 day tea dox

Day 1

This was my first day drinking the tea. I drank it in the morning before having breakfast. It made me feel fuller and didn’t eat that much during breakfast.

Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox day 1


Day 4

I lose about 4 pounds, I felt my legs slimmer also I lose some belly fat.

Day 14

I Lost 14 pounds. The results appeared on my belly and legs. I felt very light and I was able for the first time to exercise.

Where To Get The Product To Lose Weight?

I bought the Beatea from amazon you can click here or on the image below. It has a limited 20% discount offer.

Its rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars.


lose weight fast


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