How Your Self-Image is Hindering Your Weight Loss


What is the Self-Image ?


Our self-image is our own conception of the sort of person I am .Each of us builds his self-image out of his beliefs about himself.

It’s unconsciously formed from past experiences, our successes, failures, our humiliations and triumphs. your self-image sets the boundaries for your performance. You cannot outwork your self-image.

All of your actions, feelings, behavior and abilities are always consistent with this self-image

In short, you will “act like” the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. Not only this, but you can’t act otherwise, in spite of all your conscious efforts or will power.

The man who conceives himself himself to be a “failure-type person” will find some way to fail. In spite of all his good intentions, or his will power, even if opportunity is literally dumped in his lap.

The person who conceives himself to be a victim of injustice, one “who was meant to suffer,” will invariably find circumstances to verify his opinions.

The self-image is a “premise,” a base, or a foundation upon which your entire personality, your behavior, and even your circumstances are built.

Because of this our experiences seem to verify, and thereby strengthen our self images, and a vicious or a beneficent cycle, as the case may be, is set up.

For example, a schoolboy who sees himself as an “F” type student, or one who is “dumb in mathematics,” will invariably find that his report card bears him out. He then has “proof”.

this is a more in depth explanation video of the self-image.

How “you are a fat individual” self-image is formed?

Here is a small equation that shows how your self-image is formed.

Situation → Belief ( Part of Self-image ) →  Feelings →  Order for the nervous system → Behavior  →  Results

1-Situation: when you were young and have no ability to think for yourself you were the product of your environment.


a) your family watching a program about fat people who live happily and make it look normal

b) you see your environment  fat all the time and eating fast food. your friends are all fat and live happily.

2- Belief : As a results of what happens in your environment you build belief that it’s good to be fat and no problem with it and you should make food the source of your happiness.

so you build the belief that being fat is the norm.

3– Feelings: Any beliefs is formed with feelings. such as: love, hatred and fear. this feelings are very powerful and control your decisions

ex: so say i feel like eating a pizza because i like it

you say i won’t exercise because i hate it

4- Order to the nervous system: at this step your body begins to take the command from the mind and make the beliefs into reality

5- Behavior:  so it makes you want to eat sugar, hate working out, and feel bad when you try to diet

6- Results: and gives you the expected results from the previous behaviors

Note that : All this beliefs are formed unconsciously. you don’t move everyday thinking about them. They are automatically moving you toward your goals

How your self-image is related to weight loss?

If you unconsciously see yourself as a fat individual your body will prove this image to you and won’t let you surpass this image.

when you try to lose weight with many diets and you lose some pounds then add them again.It’s problem with your self-image not the tool that you use.

As you see the people around you losing weight with the same diet but you aren’t then it’s a problem with your self – image

How to change your self-image regarding weight loss?


Here is the most powerful technique to change it.
  1. Before sleep or after u wake up give yourself 15 minutes
  2. close your eyes and imagine yourself at your perfect weight
  3. see yourself doing everything that you would do when you lose weight
  4. ask yourself how would you feel, what would you do at this perfect weight, how people will treat you

watch this video for more details on the technique!


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