The Red Tea Detox Review 2019


The Red Tea Detox Review
The Red Tea Detox Review

What is The Red Tea Detox Program?

This red tea which originates from Africa has excellent qualities that can make you lose up to 14 pounds in just a week. Legend has it that, an African Shaman got the recipe for this delicious red tea, which has the power to give anyone who drank it unlimited energy and while eliminating hunger and thirst.

Although detox by tea has become a very common formula. The red tea is quite uncommon, as the more popular products are green and black teas.


The Red Tea Detox program is focused on using the tea to achieve weight loss, but it offers more than just that. It is a complete dietary plan which in addition to the tea provides you with information to maximize the effect of the tea, and also hasten and maintain your weight loss.






The author, Liz Swann Miller is a naturopath who has firsthand experience using the product, as it aided her own weight loss after she discovered it on a trip to Africa. The Red Tea Detox program, not a commercial product, rather it is an online program which contains the recipe of the red tea. It also provides information on diet, exercise and willpower to work alongside the tea.




Recipe For The Red Tea

Although, there is not enough information on the components of the red tea. Aspalathin is the main ingredient while the functions of others have also been identified. The function of each one is stated below.

1- The Fat Shrinker 

The first unique ingredient acts as a fat shrinker. The ingredient has been discovered to be Aspalathin. It contains a unique bioflavonoid. This bioflavonoid contained in the ingredient is very useful in losing weight, as it reduces the stress hormones that increase hunger and stores fat.

It also increases the amount of glucose consumption which in turns helps to balance the body’s blood sugar levels and resistance to insulin. Also, unlike many other weight loss recipes, aspalathin aids the production of new fat cells which ensures you keep your energy level even as you lose weight.

More importantly, Aspalathin contains strong antioxidants which protect the liver from damage, improves mood, helps in reducing cholesterol, and acts as a regulator for blood sugar levels.

2- The Fat Unlocker

The second ingredient is a powerful detoxifier that quickens the process of digestion, by helping the digestive system clear food faster. It also possesses great properties which increase blood flow and lowers the amount of cholesterol in the body. It improves the body’s insulin sensitivity and stimulates secretion of adrenaline which increases metabolic fat burning rate.

3- The Fat Storage Stopper

The third ingredient helps to reduce fat in four different ways. For one, it has a mechanism which blocks dietary fat digestion thereby reducing calorie intake.

This component also acts as an antioxidant which reduces inflammation. It also enhances fat and glucose metabolism enabling you to burn a lot of fat while taking in a lower number of calories. It also makes you less prone to eating unnecessarily, as it triggers feelings of fullness.

This ingredient is very effective, as it allows you eat plenty of food, and still lose weight. This is possible as your body takes very few calories.

4- The Fat Cleanser

The fourth ingredient promotes urine flow, as it is a diuretic. It enhances proper urine flow, with no effect whatsoever on the excretion of potassium and sodium. Very importantly, this ingredient does not in any way cause dehydration, which is very crucial to detoxify the body properly.

It also promotes proper functioning of the liver and kidneys, as well as the digestive organs. It multiplies the number of enzymes in the digestive tracts thereby cleanses fat and improving digestion.

5- The Hunger Killer

The last ingredient is referred to as the hunger killer, as it helps the body in effectively converting carbohydrates (metabolism). It is an aromatic spice that helps to lower insulin resistance in the process of triggering metabolism. This helps to prevent increased fat storage by maintaining the blood sugar levels of the body. This spice also gives relief from bloating and gas, as well as making the red tea very delicious.

Adequate information about all of these ingredients are contained in the online program, but what is necessary is that the ingredients are mixed in the right proportion in order to work effectively and achieve the desired effect.


New Fat Shrinking Rules.


Another core aspect of the Red Tea Detox program is the shrinking rules validated by the author. Below are three of such rules.

  • Eat More, Weigh Less: Old dieting plans go by the rule of eating less to achieve a trim figure. However, using the Red Tea Detox program you do not need to deprive yourself of food. This is because losing weight is about detoxing and consuming foods that digest quickly, rather than deprivation. The program contains information about the right way to detox and lose unwanted fat.


  • Exercise Less, Lose More Fat: With the recent discovery of an area in the body called “exercise sweet spot”. You can lose a lot of fat even by exercising less. This means you stop exercising hard, rather you exercise smart. The sweet spot being the exercise intensity level, where full fat-burning abilities of your body are at the highest. A lot of people exercise too much while eating too little. This program contains the simple methods to achieve a well-toned body, using exercises and the red tea.


  • Rebalance Hormones, Release Stored Fat: Research has shown that Noradrenaline, is the hormone that is pivotal to shrinking of fat cells. It is a stimulant hormone which gives your body the signal to use your belly fat for energy. The red tea is very useful in rebalancing hormones, as it boosts the production of Noradrenaline in the body.


” I finally was able to lose the fats in my hips”

Final verdict  :The-Red-Tea-Detox-Program

Overall, the Red Tea Detox program is the solution to your weight loss issues, and the breakthrough you have been waiting for. The program is highly recommended and is very healthy.

It eliminates fat without you needing to starve, engage in intense workouts or take expensive pills. This is the best deal as it comes at a very affordable price. It is currently the number two best selling product on Clickbank, this being a testament to its effectiveness.

Where to Get The Red Tea Detox Program?

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